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Running SMTP services automatically on startup

Recently I setup a new server for a client that required smtp services running. Annoyingly though, whenever the server was rebooted the smtp service had to be manually started. Server restarts aren’t common to be fair, but when they do occur the configuration requirements should be zero. I needed the SMTP service to automatically start [...]

The ‘Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0′ provider is not registered on the local machine.

Recently I had to upgrade the server running one of my largest web applications and ran into an error that threw me a little. The web application allowed clients to upload excel spreadsheets that are read by an ADO DataAdapter and written to Sql Server. The old server was running Windows Server 2003, the new [...]

Monitoring Database Connections

If you don’t close your database connections you can take down your server in a few minutes, that’s fact! But closing database connections is something that beginners can very easily forget. Here I will show you how to monitor database connections to SQL Server and ensure that your code is not draining the connection pool [...]

Friendly WordPress URL Permalinks on Windows IIS

As an ASP.NET guy I’ve never really had to worry about url rewriting using 3rd party components due to the fact that I can easily write my own HttpModule that handles url rewriting in the request pipeline. You can imagine the fun I had setting up this blog then, since it’s running PHP on IIS. [...]