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Alternating Row Colours in MVC Views

Alternating row colours on tabular data is one of the most common data visualisation styles a web developer has to implement. Almost every project I have built required tabular data, and alternating row colours were key to the clean, easily readable presentation of that data. However, it quickly becomes tiresome writing the logic to work [...]

Keep element in view while scrolling using jQuery

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I’ve just completed an interesting project; an online application form that calculated a quote dynamically using Javascript as the user specified their choices. ===================================================================== UPDATE APRIL 2011 – Due to the overwhelming feedback on this blog post I have created the jScroll plugin which you can download here. You can also fork and contribute to [...]

Remove address bubble from Google Maps iframe

Something that always annoys me about the quick implementation of Google Maps is the rubbish address bubble that pops up on the auto generated iframe code. What makes it even more annoying is that you can remove the address bubble using Google’s neat little popup interface, but the customisation does not work. Nightmare! Before I [...]

Min-Height in Internet Explorer

Do you ever need to specify a min-height for an element on your site? You’ll know if you do that Internet Explorer does not play fair with it. Here is a nice, clean solution that you can use to get full browser support.