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Alternating Row Colours in MVC Views

Alternating row colours on tabular data is one of the most common data visualisation styles a web developer has to implement. Almost every project I have built required tabular data, and alternating row colours were key to the clean, easily readable presentation of that data. However, it quickly becomes tiresome writing the logic to work [...]

CSS class property in ASP.NET MVC HtmlAttributes

When adding an ActionLink or using a similar Html helper on your C# ASP.NET MVC views you will on occasions want to pass a css class via the htmlAttributes parameter. As this is normally achieved by creating an anonymous type you may expect the following code snippet to work. 1 <%= Html.ActionLink("My Link", "MyLink", null, [...]

Min-Height in Internet Explorer

Do you ever need to specify a min-height for an element on your site? You’ll know if you do that Internet Explorer does not play fair with it. Here is a nice, clean solution that you can use to get full browser support.