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MacBook Pro hash key in windows

Can’t find the # hash key # on the keyboard of your MacBook Pro running Windows? I spent ages scratching my head on this one but it is there, it’s just hidden away from sight. Simply hold ctrl, alt and press 3 to get a nice little hash character onto your screen. Simples!

400 Bad request in Firefox, fine in IE

I ran into a problem this morning that had me stumped. One of our sites was running fine in IE but in Firefox was causing a “400 Bad Request”. To make matters more confusing the server was hosting two domains, one of them working in Firefox and one not. After assessing the server and ensuring [...]

SEO in Glasgow

Search Engine Optimisation is an area of the internet that is still very much in its infancy. The techniques and skills required to optimise a website to meet the needs of your customers, the requirements of your business and the technical structure of search engines (preferably in that order) is an advanced skill-set that many [...]

Me in the Simpsons

I’ve always wanted to be in The Simpsons. However, unless I become super influential overnight then the liklehood of this ever happening is pretty much null and void. What a great experience it was then to find this website by Burger King which created me as a Simpsons character. I think it did a pretty [...]