William Duffy

Glasgow Based C# ASP.NET Web Developer

About Me



I’m a freelance ASP.NET Web Developer from Greenock, near Glasgow. I have a wonderful fiancee and a little girl who I love to spend time with as much as possible.

Web Expertise

I have over 15 years experience building websites and web applications. What makes me unique is that I can both design and develop to a high standard.

I specialise in ASP.NET, C#, PHP, HTML and CSS. The combination of these technologies allows me the opportunity to combine my appreciation for design and brand awareness with my technical know-how, bringing a high quality user experience to all of my development projects.

I always strive to create beautiful code though the use of Design Patterns and OOP laws, idioms and principles. I also have a keen interest in Jakob Neilsen’s concept of usability, focussing on simple, intuitive, user friendly interfaces.

A Little History

As a kid I knew my interests lay mainly in two things; Programming and Design. I began programming back in the 1980′s on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum and later began to design using Deluxe Paint on my Amiga 600. At around the age of fifteen I embarked into the world of the internet, something that came naturally to me as it offered a perfect combination of both programming and design disciplines.

After years of study and gaining an Honours Degree in Media Technology I began working with some of the largest agencies in the country in roles ranging from Web Developer to Technical Director. During this time I had the opportunity to work for some of the world’s biggest companies.

A desire to be part of a business rather than working for one led me to start my own company, RhinoCode, offering freelance website development services. If you are looking for a freelancer in Glasgow or its surrounding areas please do get in touch.

The Real Me

Well, you’ve just been reading about the real me. I’m a programming geek! However I do have a life outside of computers. I’m not quite Neo yet, but “I know Kung Fu!”.

I’ve trained in Chang Shou Fa Kung fu since 2003, taught by Sifu James Watson where I had a particular interest in pressure points. Through James I’ve also had the pleasure of training with Sensei Patrick McCarthy, who wrote the English Translation of The Bubishi.


I also enjoy photography, although I am strictly an amateur. I have been looking through the lens of professional SLR’s since I was about 8 years old due to my father being a keen photographer. My passion in photography lies in high end fashion where image perfection, lighting, modelling, exotic locations and eye catching effects are combined to create fantastic images that sell. Check out my Flickr portfolio if you have a spare five minutes.